L’imperfetta struttura circolare della prima edizione di Peterburgskie zimy di Georgij Ivanov

Simone Guagnelli


The Imperfect Circular Structure of the First Edition of Georgii Ivanov’s Peterburgskie zimy

The academic debate about the truthfulness of Georgii Ivanov’s autobiographical prose has been extremely vibrant over the last few decades, highlighting how his ‘pseudo-memoirs’ are part of a specific narrative. In the present article, the author focuses on the most debated of Ivanov’s works, i.e. Petersburg Winters, highlighting its circular structure by analysing the recurring motifs in some selected chapters and showing how its imperfectness is actually the result of a stylistic choice of Ivanov.


Ivanov; Autobiographical prose; Truthfulness; Pseudo-memoirs; Petersburg Winters

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25430/2281-6992/v4-221-240


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