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No. 3 (2014): The Space of Memory. Russian Auto-Biographical Genres and European Context - Part II

‘Я’ и ‘Мы’ в дневнике Веры Аксаковой (на фоне личного женского письма XIX века)

  • Emilia Magnanini
June 7, 2019


The diary composed by Vera Aksakova – the daughter of the writer Sergey Aksakov and the sister of the Slavophiles Konstantin and Ivan Aksakov – in the years 1854-1855 is here analyzed as a problematic case of autobiographical writing, since the expression of the self is conditioned both by the ‘choral’ vision of the world typical of Slavophilism, and by the peculiar relationships between the Aksakov family’s members. Against the backdrop of the Crimean War and of other cultural and literary events, the personality of Vera Aksakova reveals itself with great difficulty, torn between the reassuring ‘we’ and the ‘I’ that fights against the denial of the self.