Memoirs of Serhiy Yefremov: Stages of Struggle for the Ukrainian Word


Serhiy Yefremov
struggle for the Ukrainian word
educational activities


The article is devoted to the study of diaries and memoirs of the prominent Ukrainian figure of the early twentieth century Serhiy Yefremov. Yefremov was one of the active figures in the creation of Ukrainian periodicals, having worked in the magazine Kievskaia starina, and was an active member of the Old Hromada. His literary works were subjected to strict censorship, which he tried to avoid. Serhiy Yefremov became the founder of the Ukrainian publishing house ‘Vik’, where he conducted active educational activities. He became the founder of the first Ukrainian newspaper, despite the oppression by the authorities and strict censorship of all print media. The diaries and memoirs of Serhiy Yefremov contain many literary portraits of prominent people of that time and analyze the cultural life of that time.
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