Борец с мифом, или мемуарист, считающий себя Гераклом (Антон Павлович Чехов: Опыт ха- рактеристики Н.М. Ежова).

Lia Bushkanets


The Fighter against the myth, or the memoirist who considers himself a Hercules (Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: an attempt at a characterization by N.M. Ezhov).
The article is devoted to the scandalous memoirs of Nikolai Ezhov about Chekhov, in which the author was considered an average writer and a greedy and petty man. The memoirs are analyzed in the context of the history of the formation of the literary reputation of Chekhov. The article is based on archival resources, newspapers and journals of the early twentieth century. The aim is to show that these kinds of memoirs try to resist the idealization of the writer by the public. However, this strategy often brings to reduction and simplification.

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